Knitting ribbed semi-finished product inspection process

    Industry dynamics
    2019/02/12 10:06
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    1. Require the inspector to check the process, the needle, the number of revolutions, the length of the piece, the length of the rib, the density uniformity, the missing needle, the hanging edge, the monofilament, the color difference, the sill yarn, and the dirty work. Check for defects (repair the defects that can be processed)

    2. After the formed piece is removed from the machine, the density inspection, size, and pattern conformity should be performed in time.

    3. Record the weight of the single piece. (If there are more than 2 types of color matching, detailed recording of each color is required)

    4. Before the inspection, the pieces are pulled in different directions due to weaving, and should be retracted by the ruler.

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