The type and function of the flat collar?

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    2019/02/12 10:07
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    The types of flat collar collars include round necks, V-necks, square collars, stand collars, lapels and the like. The clothing component that covers the neck of the human body plays a protective and decorative role. It broadly includes the body part of the collar and the collar, and the narrow-necked single-necked collar. The collar is mounted on the collar of the body and includes the following parts:

    (1) Collar: The fold line of the collar's eversion. 

    (2) Under the collar: the stitching of the collar and the collar of the body.

    (3) Outer collar: the outer edge of the collar.

    (4) Constellation: The collar is from the fold line to the lower part of the collar.

    (5) Lapel: The collar is from the fold line to the outer part of the collar.

    (6) Collar serial port: the stitching part of the collar and the noodle.

    (7) Collar: The maximum distance between the neck and the collar.

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